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Rules / Dress Code

  • No jackets, coats or hoodies

  • No plain T-shirts, tank tops, or flannels of any kind

  • No hats of any kind

  • No athletic attire (sweat suites, gym shorts, etc.)

  • No baggy pants, shirts, or underwear hanging out

  • No sunglasses

  • All shoes must be worn and properly laced

  • No Lugz or Timberland brand footwear allowed

  • No pictures or videos will be taken in Capital Cabaret

  • No prescription drugs or illegal substances of any sort

  • No going in and out to cars, party bus, or limo excessively

  • No loitering in the parking lot at any time

All people under 21 (18 - 20) must: wear armbands, wear Capital Cabaret shirts at all times, leave your IDs at the front door and have your hands marked. Any attempt to break these rules will result in you being escorted out with no refunds of any kind.

Capital Cabaret has the right to refuse entry of any person for any reason.

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